"The grey film of dust covering things has become their best part.”

−Walter Benjamin, Dream Kitsch, 1927

 Kelly McCallum graduated from the Goldsmithing department at the Royal College of Art; a jeweller’s interest in scale and attention to detail is apparent in her sculptural pieces. Her work is influenced by both story-telling and natural history, employing Victorian taxidermy as well as insects, precious metals, and other found objects, culminating in artworks that are disturbingly beautiful.

‘I’m fascinated by insects feeding on death, and boundaries between life, metamorphosis and rebirth. You could say my work is a reflection on time ticking away’. Her current series of saddled birds explores the anthropomorphic potential in the animals she re-fashions, plundering the human narrative attached to animals with otherwise uninhabited personas.

She has exhibited across the globe, including Canada, the United States, France, Korea, and Poland, as well as here in the UK where she was featured in the critically acclaimed Telling Tales exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Her work is innovative, as it refuses to fit easily into one category; it is conceptual, and challenges the viewer’s assumptions and preconceptions.