Perfect weather for a Polar Bear.

I am back from the Netherlands after a snowy trip to the wonderful Museum Arnhem for the opening of "Beauty of the Beast". I had my piece, "Meltwater", in the show. As well as some others. 

It is a beautifully curated exhibition, and the opening was a great event. I had a chance to meet the other artists, and the many attendees with a keen interest in taxidermy and jewellery. I also had the pleasure of  a few post-opening drinks with the formidable Kate MccGwire, whom I already knew to be a brilliant artist, and now know to be an all-round remarkable person.

Leaving the snows of Arnhem behind, I headed to Amsterdam with  Sarah Marr, my long term partner-in-crime, best friend, and brilliant writer. Every time I visit Amsterdam I make sure I get my fix of Dutch design, and this trip was no exception. The Frozen Fountain and Droog Design  never fail to delight and inspire. I even ended up coming home with this fun and science-inspired water jug from Droog.

If you're in Arnhem be sure to drop by the Museum for the show, it's open until May 10,  2015. You can find the details, here. Museum Arnhem.