A Migratory Moose, and Answering the Call of Canada

"Where Thou art—that—is Home"
                Emily Dickinson

The lease on TM Studios came to an end this month, scattering the nine artists who had made their home there. As most artists in London will agree, trying to find affordable and decent work-space in the city is a daunting challenge.

Every time I move I am surprised at how much 'stuff' I have accumulated. What seems to fit comfortably in the nooks and crannies, on the shelves and in the cupboards, suddenly presents itself all at once. I have created a monster, and its name is Possessions.

Mr Moose took the temporary loss of his horns very well, I thought, but then he's never been one for expressing his emotions. Still, I am happy to report that he has been reunited with his 'impressive rack'. He, and his numerous companions, are safe and sound in their temporary new space, where they will remain until we can find something more permanent for them.


That search is on hold at the moment, however, as I have returned to the land of my birth: Canada. I am catching up with friends and releasing my inner Canadian, eh? The last few days have been spent on Griffith Island, learning how to shoot a gun. This, I am happy to report, has been done at a great cost to the local population of 'clay pigeons' but with no animal casualties: I have no desire to shoot or kill a living animal. There is something satisfying about the cracking break, the floating dust-cloud and the falling fragments of the target, after a successful shot.

All of this has been accompanied by inspiring landscapes, fresh air and wildlife. So, for a couple of weeks, I am happy to make my home back in Canada. At least until I start to miss London, as I always seem to do.