I have recently agreed to do some work with Siavash Sabba for an upcoming film project he is working on. (You can see some of his work on his website Here) Although the details of the film is still under wraps I can say I am back to deconstructing insects once again. While taking them apart and organizing the bits into various boxes, I decided to take some photos of my process. 

I will fully admit to having a "touch" of OCD, as the pics might show.. I do have a habit of making sure things are lined up on a shelf, or carefully organised in my space (even my books are arranged by colour!) and the process of taking each insect apart and putting each piece in its box I find incredibly relaxing. Next step.. reconstruction... here is an example of a new bloom below. 

I am very excited about this new project.. I it is quite dark, but I think its a really nice counterpoint to the flowers with butterfly wings.